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Radio and TV Interviews

Your audience will be engaged and entertained while getting valuable information they can use.
Topics can range from mainstream to controversial and can be selected to fit your audience and host.

Lively, engaging and FUN Topics
Dance with a beautiful partner on your 100th birthday!
You’re all invited to attend my big 100th birthday party – Dec 17 *2049*. Mark your calendar!

Conservative, mainstream
The biggest problem creeping up on people over 50 in the US and the World today, and what I’m doing about it.
A new twist on DNA – epigenetics
I love life — gimme more! So I’m out to solve aging

Hot steamy SEX at any age.
Why some experts say you should grow old and die
What good is your money, power and fame, without the means to enjoy them?
Why our fancy medical technology is just keeping people sicker LONGER?
Are you “obese”, or just plain FAT?
You want to die a rich person?
Why obesity is the #2 threat to health. (So what’s #1?)
I don’t wanna die anytime soon — I love life — gimme more! So I’m out to solve aging

Billions misspent and lives lost as government health care bureaucracy gets it wrong!
Why aging and ageism are undermining European countries. Don’t let it happen here!
Do politicians care about your health? They’re certainly not showing it!

Are you going to run out of money when you get old? Here’s the solution.
Want to keep your parents from having to move in with you?
How a shift in government spending can save taxpayers billions — and keep you from going broke.

Classical Music
Long lived composers – how they did it

The Far Side
When “eating yourself” can actually be a good idea!
Why young and old animals getting stitched together and sharing blood supplies makes the old one younger — and the young one older! (and how we can do something like that)
The full body transplant

One more thing — I could even do a health and longevity themed MUSICAL PERFORMANCE — singing and guitar, tailored to your available time.


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