Mission: Increase Healthspan
and Lifespan
Slow and ultimately reverse biological aging
and age-related decline
for more years of healthy living

Johnny Adams Background

Multi-Talented, High Level Assistant
for Your Organization
Active in Solving Aging


Project Star Shot

Aging Intervention Program
System, Therapies and Metrics

This is “here and now” what we can do now to
slow aging and partially reverse its effects

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Recent Self-Directed
Age Management Therapies


Video – Genomic Analysis, Longevity Genes
and Other Related Topics

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Aging Metrics
Protein Clock and other valuable
biomarkers and software systems
provided at low or no cost ONLY to scientists developing
aging intervention therapies with greatest potential
for much longer healthy lifespan
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Biomarkers of Human Longevity Conference

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Age Management Telehealth Physicians

Remote consultations with highly experienced
age management physicians

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Plan to Get a
Great Many More Years of Healthy Living
Maybe As Long As We Choose ie Open Ended Healthy Lifespan

This is the future – how we will reverse aging and
gain many more years to continue our good work

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Email Discussion Forum
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Attn Scientists who are Aging SOLUTION CREATORS:
If you are developing a new aging therapy with outstanding potential, then I can help – along with my wide network – in many ways including
funding, patent, business, legal, scientific, promotion among others.
Conversations are CONFIDENTIAL.
You stay in control.
We’re in this to solve aging.
Call me at 1 949 922-9786
or email JAdams -at- AgingInterventionFoundation.org
or JAdams -at- grg.org

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Others Active in the Aging Space: Let’s Partner Together
If you would like to work together to advance on biological aging solutions
Call me at 1 949 922-9786
or email JAdams -at- AgingInterventionFoundation.org
or JAdams -at- grg.org


The Problem of Aging

Aging is the loss of physiological and mental function, on multiple levels, over time. When we grow older, changes in our bodies and brains result in physical and mental decline, then multiple diseases.

We are working to delay the onset and progression of aging and the diseases of aging, and extend the period of healthy life.

Image source: U.S. Pharmacist

The slow stepwise decline from wellness that comes with aging results in tremendous health and disability, reduced quality of life, financial and emotional costs to aging individuals, as well as loved ones, caregivers and all of society.

Many negative effects are caused by common underlying biological factors.


Straight Talk

We usually hear about this in clinical, scientific terms. Words like “risk factors” and “entropy” are used. But my friend, here’s straight talk about what it’s really like to
get old.

The good years of our lives – the healthy ones, when we’re feeling great and loving life, we’re productive, happy to be alive and able to do the things we want – are just too damn short! Then we get old, sick and die, and far too soon.

Sure, maybe around retirement age of 65 or 70 some of us get a few “golden years” where we have time and money to do the things we want – until health takes a nose dive. So what’s any accumulated wealth, power and prestige worth then?

When getting old we want to keep people from getting sick, decrepit and feeble, feeling miserable, losing strength, appearance, energy, losing their enjoyment and enthusiasm for life, losing their productivity and ability to do activities we love, being in pain, possibly bedridden, going bankrupt from paying all their money to doctors and hospitals, and dependent on others, then the big sleep.



So our foundation and circle of associates and friends target the underlying mechanisms of aging to create solutions – therapies and other innovations to slow, repair, control and ultimately reverse the underlying causes of age related decline that result in multiple diseases — rather than treating individual diseases as they occur.

Result: MORE HEALTHY, HAPPY, PRODUCTIVE YEARS OF LIFE, and solutions to many great problems facing the world.

And if we can live a lot longer in great health, wouldn’t that be great too?

This will be accomplished by evaluating, testing and creating aging intervention therapies.

Our foundation also facilitates communication among researchers, solutions creators and the public throughout the world, and provides education on how to stay healthy while new technologies are being developed.


Background Summary
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My talk at the Longevity 2020 conference


Johnny listed in the Aging Analytics Agency Longevity Leaders report


Why Supporting Our Foundation Is Important To You:

You’ll have the potential to live a lot longer — and in great health
You’ll have access to inside information. I’ll be in frequent communication with the latest developments
You’ll be among the first to take advantage of new medical aging intervention technologies as they are created
You will benefit humanity

Get the latest aging research and solutions news from your MOST VALUABLE and no-cost resource, the GRG Email Discussion Forum. This is NOT an ordinary email list – it’s an information sharing service, and a community, with content provided by some of the most informed scientists, researchers, physicians and highly informed lay people. It’s now at over 540 members, and constantly improving as more world class members join.  

It’s member driven and members can remain anonymous and just read, or send messages to other members. No spam allowed. Get diverse viewpoints and solutions, listen, learn, ask questions.
Find a valuable info in our archive dating back to 2004. The system connects aging researchers, solutions creators and you – with late breaking news, facts, ideas, collaborators, key pieces of the puzzle, and other information. Click for More Info


Interview with Longevity Technology


Informal talk based on my aging intervention program. Dec 7, 2019

Learn More About the
Foundation and Mission

Reversing Aging: 2018 Update – London Futurists panel discussion
David Wood moderates (I start at 2 min 15 sec)

An Informal, Fun and
Informative Presentation

Video quality not so good, but a useful introduction. Presentation at a Rotary Club meeting.
Want to help? Or participate in a clinical trial
for a new aging intervention?
Call me at (949) 922-9786
or email JAdams -at- AgingInterventionFoundation . org


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