The Trans-NIH Geroscience Interest Group (GSIG) is making great contributions to our shared purpose

You will find the video near the BOTTOM of the linked page below particularly useful.
Title is “Targeting Aging to Delay Multiple Chronic Diseases: A New Frontier”.


To help you find info that most interests you:

Up until about 17:45 Drs. Sierra, Velasquez and Kirkland present compelling reasons for creating aging solutions.
Then Dr. Kirkland presents important biological and laboratory information about cellular senescence.
At about 34:50 he resumes discussion on concerns that help move us toward results and aging solutions, like attacking age related diseases as a group instead of one at a time, and others. Q&A at the end is mostly biological.


Other videos are also excellent, especially “Anti-Aging Medicines: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning”.


GSIG main page:


Sign up for their newsletter:

Many other lists available from NIH on topics like genomics, stem cells and others.


See you at the summit:



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