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Our forum is a high level, results driven, no-cost information sharing service. Now at 490 scientists, researchers, physicians, thought leaders and highly informed lay members, itís constantly improving as more world class members join.

Facilitate the creation of solutions to slow and ultimately reverse age related decline for more healthy years of life.

This system connects aging researchers -- and solutions creators -- with late breaking news, facts, ideas, collaborators, key pieces of the puzzle, and other useful information.

The archive has a robust search feature.

How it works
A member sends one email to all 490+ members, and replies are in turn sent to all members.

Quality of the messages is assured. Messages are reviewed prior to release to all members -- so no arguing, poorly worded rambling or off topic messages, or negativity, etc. often found in email lists.

Itís all solutions, and no nonsense.

Messages can be received one-at-a-time, or combined in a daily digest. You would have full access to our archive dating back to 2004.

Members can remain anonymous, and only read messages.

And if itís not for you, your email address will be immediately removed.

Contact me at JAdams -at- or (949) 922-9786 US.


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CEO / Exec. Director
Carl I. Bourhenne Medical Research Foundation / Aging Intervention Foundation