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Last updated March 8, 2021
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Using business, philanthropy, and other models, I participate in and lead
a range of for-profit and non-profit initiatives
to solve the problem of aging

Attn Research Scientists who are Aging SOLUTION CREATORS:

If you are developing a new aging intervention therapy with outstanding potential, then I can help - along with my wide network - in many ways including:

funding, patent, business, legal, scientific, promotion among others.

Conversations are CONFIDENTIAL.
You stay in control.
Weíre in this to solve aging.

Call me at 1 949 922-9786
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or JAdams -at-


Others Active in Aging:

Innovators, Investors, Visionaries, Managers, Professionals, and Others

Letís Partner Together

Call me at 1 949 922-9786
or email JAdams -at-

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Resume/CV style background summary

Plan to Get a Great Many More Years of Healthy Living
Maybe As Long As We Choose

Aging Intervention Program
System, Therapies, Metrics

My Mission -- There are many ways to say it:

Increase Healthspan and Lifespan
Slow and ultimately reverse biological aging and age-related decline for more years of healthy living
Shift objective measures toward youth. These include lab tests like Safety, DNA methylation age, inflammation, phenotypic age and other calculations derived from lab tests, and cognitive and physiological measures
Increase healthy lifespan
Gain healthier and longer lives
Solve the problem of aging so we can stay young and healthy, feeling great, doing the things we love for a very long time
Skip the misery that comes with growing old
Age reversal / Rejuvenation / Regenation
Create the "Fountain of Youth"

I’ve been active in this since the 1970s, steadily building skills and accomplishments.  Good understanding of the science of aging, and possess many skills and problem solving abilities to support and extend the work of scientists so they can focus on science and create solutions.

One of my goals:
Mark your calendar!  You, and me and everyone join us at my big 100th birthday party on Dec 17, 2049 1:00 pm.   We will all be in great health. There will be music, singing, dancing, great conversation.

Thatís when the long-term planning will begin.

Responsibilities and Action Items:
CEO / Executive Director Aging Intervention Foundation (dba for Carl I. Bourhenne Medical Research Foundation), an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Executive Director Gerontology Research Group (GRG).  Manage Email discussion forum, special interest groups, web site, meetings and oversees supercentenarian (oldest humans, 110+ years) research. 

Active contributor to diverse initiatives to increase healthspan and lifespan.

Learned and benefitted from membership and attending conferences and trainings by the Gerontological Society of America, American Aging Association, Association of Fundraising Professionals, OneOC (Accelerating Nonprofit Success) and others ongoing.

Early contributor to Supercentenarian Research Foundation. Co-Founder Geroscience Healthspan Forum.

Co-authored book on conventional, practical methods available today to slow the processes of aging – nutrition, exercise, behavior modification and motivation, stress reduction, proper supplementation, damage caused by improper programs, risk reduction and others. 

I enjoy the conception, design, execution and successful completion of a grand plan. Solving the problem of aging to stay younger longer certainly matches that criteria.

Broad experience  Top skills: aging interventions and solutions, biomarkers and objective measures of biological age, practical clinical studies, administration, management, communications, writing.

Precisely locating, tailoring and presenting products and services to those with greatest interest and need (market research and analysis, marketing at the highest level).

Facilitating ethical, mutually beneficial plans of action with customers -- best considered as partners (i.e. high level "selling").

Public speaking, information technology (data and programming).  Fundraising, grant writing, finance.

Interest and experience also includes DNA methylation, methionine reduction, data/databases/data analytics, software development and computer programming, bioinformatics and protein informatics, online education, training programs, regulatory, clinical trials software, medical devices (CAT scanners and related), hospital electrical equipment testing program.

Assist, or serve on advisory boards, contribute to publications
Age Reversal Network (formerly Society for the Rescue of our Elders)
Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board
Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging Advisory Board
Longevity Industry Landscape Overview 2017 Contributor

Interpersonal skills  Good communicator, honest, well liked, works well in teams or alone.  Real world experience collaborating in interdisciplinary teams in fast paced environments.  Uses technology to advance our shared mission.

MBA 1985 University of Southern California -- Deans List, Albert Quon Community Service Award (for volunteering with the American Longevity Association and helping an elderly lady every other week), George S. May Scholarship, CA State Fellowship.
BA psychology, psychobiology emphasis 1983 California State University Fullerton Physiological courses as well as core courses (developmental, abnormal etc).
UCLA Psychobiology 1978, one brief but fast moving and fulfilling quarter. Main interest was the electrochemical basis of consciousness. Also seminars at the NeuroPsychiatric Institute.
Other: Ongoing conferences, meetings and continuing education. Aging, computer software and information technology. Some molecular biology, biotech, bio and protein informatics, computer aided drug design, clinical medical devices, electronics, HIPAA, fundraising through the Assoc. of Fundraising Professionals.

Previous careers include:
Medical devices:  At Omnimedical in Paramount CA developed and managed the quality assurance dept. for medical devices, and training program for engineers, physicians and technicians from the US and many parts of the world, and designed hospital equipment testing program for the hospital services division.

Marketing Increasing skill set and success in virtually all phases, with valuable experience in locating people and companies with the greatest need and interest in a product or service, and creating ethical win-win courses of action favorable to all -- i.e. highest level selling.

Information Technology: Management, data analysis and programming in commercial and clinical trials systems, and bioinformatics and protein informatics.  As IT Director at Newport Beach, CA based technology organization, provided online software solutions for insurance and financial professionals in small to Fortune 500 size companies.  We were successful with lean team organization -- the slower moving competition was unable to create similar software systems. 

In my early 20’s I was a music therapy student (psychology and music), and musician. Interned with the intention of becoming a music therapist.  These experiences helped develop valuable skills used today to advance our shared mission of creating aging solutions.

Short term plan (since 1999 and into the future about 2-3 years):
Refine therapy program, combinations and dosing to gain added years or a decade or two.
Test and evaluate aging intervention therapies for ongoing use.
conventional methods, metformin, rapamycin, senolytics (careful with that one), NAD, exosomes, GDF11, blood plasma and umbilical products, and others.

Biomarkers and objective measures like lab work, cognitive and physiological tests will be applied to determine the best personal programs.

Long term plan starting approx. 2021-2022:
Initiate major program and/or partner with others on development of NEW therapies that will allow us to stay youthful and healthy, and making the world a better place, for as long as we choose Ė more than a few years or a couple decades.
Includes gene editing, nanotechnology -- and this will seem highly visionary and extreme, and even bizarre -- full body transplant with lab-grown bodies (obviously this one is very long term).
And many other innovative advances yet to be conceived.

References and Core Documents:
Plan to Get a Great Many More Years of Healthy Living
Maybe As Long As We Choose

Aging Intervention Program
System, Therapies, Metrics

Aging Intervention Foundation

My Background

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Practical Methionine Reduction in Humans

Genomics Notes

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