Aging Intervention Program
System, Therapies and Metrics

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Johnny Adams Background

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Other Useful References:

Plan To Get a Great Many More Years of Healthy Living

Organizations to Follow Progress

Decoding Longevity: Ending Aging As We Know It


Practical Methionine Reduction in Humans

Genomics Notes

Conferences, Meetings and Organizations — this one is dated

Death and HouseCats

More Biomarkers — Long list collected from GRG members and others over the years.


The Story of Life From the Big Bang to You
Kim Marshall

The Selfish Gene
Richard Dawkins

Healing the Hardware of the Soul
Daniel Amen MD

Why People Believe Weird Things
Michael Shermer
publisher of Skeptic magazine, author of other books

The Singularity is Near
Ray Kurzweil

The Deep History of Ourselves
Joseph LeDoux


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