What’s in it for YOU.

As a supporter, you’ll get:

  • The potential to live in great health as you grow old, and live longer
  • You’ll have access to inside information. I will be in frequent communication with you to advise you of the latest developments
  • You’ll be among the first to take advantage of new medical aging interventions as they are created
  • You’ll be getting at the source and reducing the risk of diseases that increase with age – cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and many others
  • You will be the foundation’s guest at events, like meetings of the Gerontology Research Group, conferences and workshops
  • And you will be benefiting humanity — and it is expected that those who benefit from the advances will use some of their added time and resources to help build a better world
  • We’re also interested in greatly increasing the sense of well being and joy, along with creativity, problem solving and productivity — the hallmarks of intelligence and vital to success, creating results and entrepreneurship
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